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Mexican revolutionary hero Pancho Villa had a carriage that was always breaking down on his endless journeys around the northern desert. His troops nicknamed the bulky carriage "La Cucaracha" (grandaddy of the Beetle?) and made up this little ditty about how the carriage "ya no puede caminar" (can't get around any more). Who knew it would become a world-famous tune?

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¡Hola Carolina! ¡Hola Ernesto!
OH-lah kah-roh-LEE-nah OH-lah ehr-NEH-stoh
hello Carolina! hello Ernesto!
te presento la cucaracha
tay preh-SEHN-toh lah koo-kah-RAH-chah
allow me to introduce the cockroach
la cucaracha la cucaracha  
lah koo-kah-RAH-chah lah koo-kah-RAH-chah
the cockroach the cockroach
ya no puede caminar
yah noh PWAY-day kah-mee-NAHR
can’t walk anymore
porque le falta    
POHR-kay lay   FAHL-tah  
because he’s lacking
porque no tiene    
POHR-kay noh   TYEH-nay  
because he doesn’t have
una pata para   andar  
OO-nah PAH-tah PAH-rah ahn-DAHR  
a foot with which to walk
una cosa no comprendo  
OO-nah KOH-sah noh kohm-PREHN-doh  
one thing I don’t understand
los hombres grandes   con nintendo
lohs OHM-brays GRAHN-days kohn neen-TEHN-doh
grown men with Nintendo
juegan eso todo   el día
HWAY-gahn EH-soh TOH-doh ehl DEE
they play that all day long
jugando les da   alegría
hoo-GAHN-doh lays dah   ah-lay-GREE-ah
playing makes them happy

(estribillo – chorus)    
te llamas Carolina
too tay YAH-mahs kah-roh-LEE-nah
your name is Carolina
yo me llamo don Ernesto
yo may YAH-moh dohn ehr-NEH-stoh
and my name is Mr. Ernesto
mucho gusto en conocerte
MOO-choh GOO-stoh ehn koh-noh-SEHR-tay
pleasure to meet you
el gusto es mío por supuesto  
ehl GOO-stoh ehs MEE-oh pohr soo-PWEH-stoh
the pleasure if mine of course
(estribillo - chorus)        

La Cucaracha lyrics in Spanish and English, with pronunciation guide from Musical Spanish book and CD-rom