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Spanish Books for Kids & Children
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A word about our selections.....

I looked all through the children's bilingual section at bookstores in order to find a few really adorable books to offer here on my website. I chose the ones below because they are books that kids love, and can also be used by a NON speaking Spanish parent in order to help introduce Spanish at bedtime or whenever the books are being read. It's never too early to begin learning Spanish! Keep in mind that while board books are usually for younger kids, the bright pictures & simple messages make these books great teaching tools even at slightly older ages.

Jorge el Curioso (Spanish)

Dora's Book of Words
(Bilingual Hard book)

¿Dónde está Spot?
Spanish pop up book

Jorge el Curioso Spanish Kids Book

Dora's Book of Words - Libro de palabras de Dora

Donde esta Spot?  Cute Spanish book for kids

Ages 4 to 9 - This classic book is loved by kids all over the world. Presents a good opportunity to get your child speaking Spanish by reading a book they are already familiar with. Larger soft book with entertaining illustrations - 54 pages.


Ages 4 to 10 - Very cool pull-tab book that can get kids reading in Spanish in no time. Children are crazy about Dora the Explorer - and this cute book teaches vocabulary about the beach, farm, garden, circus, school, playtime, & house. Kids can pull the tab and see the Spanish for each colorful scene. Larger board book - 16 pages.

Ages 3 to 8 - Great way to introduce Spanish at bedtime, this Spanish only version of "Where's Spot?" helps your child to learn Spanish by interacting with the pop ups in the book. The vocabulary is simple and this book is sure to become a favorite for kid who take a liking to Spanish. Mid sized soft book - 22 pages.

Count with Dora!
(Bilingual board book)

Dora's Opposites in English & Spanish boardbook

La Historia de los Diez Mandamentos - Spanish boardbook

Count with Dora in Spanish

Dora's Opposites in English & Spanish

La historia de los Diez Mandamentos - 10 Commandments for Kids in Spanish

Ages 3 to 8 - Fun but simple vocabulary builder with pronunciation guide - bright illustrations for learning Spanish numbers by counting fruits like mangos & coconuts. Smaller board book - 14 pages.

Ages 3 to 8 - Super simple vocabulary builder with pronunciation guide - bright illustrations for words like open, close, slow, fast, long, short, stop, go, etc. Smaller board book - 14 pages.

Ages 3 to 10 - This lovely little Spanish board book tells the story of the 10 commandments through pictures. The words are a little more complicated but for kids who already know the story, it's a great way to practice using new Spanish words. Smaller board book - 26 pages.