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Musical Spanish $39.99
(illustrated book, 2 CD-roms, 2 audio CDs)

Given an "Award of Excellence" from Discoveryschool.com...offers a series of 10 songs in an interactive format that enables kids to truly learn Spanish from the music. Children love the animations and colorful grammar lessons! The songs are a catchy modern pop style of traditional songs such as La Bamba and Guantanamera, and the lyrics have been altered to enhance the teaching value of the song. The interactive CD-rom offers the ability to practice pronunciation of each song by clicking on an individual phrase to hear it separated from the music. Also includes an animated presentation of each song, a karaoke version, simple grammar explanations, games and quizzes, and much more.
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A fun to use animated vocabulary-building tool for beginning readers. Toggle between English and Spanish to build skills in both languages. In 35 colorful scenes, young learners discover 6 interactive games that offer meaningful ways to see, hear, say and play with words and pictures. Phonics Practice: reinforce visual and aural association. Pronunciation Practice: built-in recorder allows children to hear themselves.

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KidSpeak is a language learning breakthrough that makes learning a second language easy for kids of all ages. Children will love the delightful combination of enjoyable animation, fun activities, and interactive games, puzzles and songs that make up this award-winning educational software program. It's the perfect way to get your kids started with a new language.

In JumpStart Spanish, children ages 3-6 join Mr. Hopsalot from JumpStart Kindergarten on a special visit to his clubhouse. When kids arrive in the treehouse, they realize Mr. Hopsalot's affinity for the Spanish language and its cultures. As they explore the many items Mr. Hopsalot has in his hangout, children are exposed to Spanish and English translations of common words and phrases. Kids learn over 200 basic vocabulary words and learn about Spanish culture in a fun and educational way. The product also includes a "toggle" that allows Spanish-Speaking families to use JumpStart Spanish to introduce their child to the English language. Created by a team of teachers, artists, programmers and parents, who know as much about kids as they do about learning. The Cat Came Back interactive CD-ROM will educate and entertain. Throughout this incredible journey, your children will do more than just turn the pages of an electronic book. They can turn pictures into animations, words into songs, questions into answers. That is what makes all the difference. With varied levels of interactivity, The Cat Came Back captivates, excites and best of all, truly involves your child.

Who Is Oscar Lake? is the first language-learning program of its kind anywhere. You won't find repetitive drills or endless vocabulary lists here. Instead, Oscar Lake plunges you directly into a foreign city where you must solve a puzzling mystery in a new language. Experts agree that language immersion is the most effective way to learn a second language. With Oscar Lake you learn by hearing, seeing, and doing. And because you interact directly with all the characters you meet, you control the pace of the story, the speed of the learning, and even the outcome of the game


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