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A fantastic book I couldn't put down; a woman's personal journey in Mexico.



A funny look at Buenos Aires that you can truly appreciate if you've tried living there for any amount of time.


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This survival tale of a plane crash in the Andes is one of the most riveting books I've read.

Great database for finding cheap international airfares. They also have train tickets, hotels, etc. - Gear, Travel Bags, and other Essentials

This site has a fantastic selection of backpacks, travel bags, gear, skis, and more. Prices are great and customer service is excellent., Microsoft's Travel Site

They've gotten a lot more competitive with their fares at Expedia, and now offer a "fare beater" service that tries to find you the lowest price possible. Also good for hotels, maps, etc.

The Adventurous Traveler Bookstore

Find the tools for your exotic adventure here: books, maps, videos, and other. Well organized, you can search by activity such as "climbing" or "diving" or by region, like "Antarctica"...

This well organized site offers a wealth of information about Mexico, and is a "must visit" for anybody planning a trip there. Everything from extensive travel information (including an online hotel selection for many cities, airfare guide, customs guide, etc.) to an online bookstore and travel photographs—and much more.

Lonely Planet Country Guides

Read travel guide information and experiences from other travelers. Easy to navigate and with a wealth of good information.

Zacatecas, Mexico

My first experience in Latin America was in the beautiful colonial city of Zacatecas. Pictures and words can't really do it justice, but it's an enchanting city and worth learning about. More on Zacatecas can be found here.

Virtual Tour of South America, from

Stunning pictures of San Pedro de Atacama in the N. Chile desert. From there you can continue on to Angel Falls, Rio, the Amazon, Patagonia, S. Chile, the Galapagos, and Peru. Nice basic info about each place with beautiful pictures.

Earth from Space

Look at satellite photos from outer space of several Latin American locations.

A great site with tons of information about living and traveling overseas. Visit the Canary Islands!

All about Tenerife, the largest of Spain's Canary Islands. Visit eTenerife for information for both residents and tourists. Find out about internet cafes, diving schools, radio taxis, car hire, accommodation and much more. Great links section in this well designed site.

Rail Europe

Book everything from Euro-rail passes to individual country passes and city to city train tickets.

Amerispan: Educational Travel and Lang. Immersion

They offer over 40 language schools in 15 countries, pretty impressive! Their website also offers a whole host of information about studying abroad, great articles and weblinks, and an online store with language and travel guides. If you're interested in going abroad to learn a language, work, or volunteer, check out Amerispan first.

Argentina I.L.E.E. Spanish Language School

Information about studying in the beautiful and diverse country of Argentina. This site offers a lovely photo album of images from their country, as well as all of the information about their courses in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and in the Patagonia region. Argentina is a great bargain right now - and definitely worth the trip.

Academia de Español "Surpacifico" in Ecuador

The Surpacifico Spanish School is situated in the city of Manta on one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Ecuador, only 390 Km. (30 minutes by plane) from the capital of Quito. The website offers information about their courses in both Manta and Quito, lodging information, prices, etc.

Spanish Language Academy, Spain

Very colorful site available in several languages, offers a wealth of information about studying, traveling, and learning Spanish in Spain. This "Ciudad Rodrigo" place where their institute is located looks amazing!! Maybe it's time to head over to Spain...

Don Quijote

If studying in Spain what you are looking for, this is your website. Don Quijote is the largest network of Spanish language instruction schools in Spain. The website also contains a lot of cultural information, some travel guides, and some free Spanish lessons and level tests.

Dialogue: Intensive Spanish in Barcelona

A full immersion program offering private instruction and a specialized instruction program based on the needs of the students. Sounds quite interesting, and students can go for as little or much time as they want. They also offer an immersion program in Beligium.

Habla Hispana Spanish School in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

There aren't too many language immersion settings that can rival the beauty, friendliness, and relaxed atmosphere of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (not to mention the food!) Enjoy the wonderful Mexican hospitality and learn Spanish in Mexico, where this language school can arrange for a homestay, an apartment, or a hotel for you.

Study in Guatemala: Proyecto Lingüístico XXI

One on one language immersion study that offers homestay programs with Guatemalan families in the colonial city of Antigua. The site also offers an online bookstore and information helpful for travelers and students, as well as those interested in Guatemala. Check out the site map to review all the resources available.

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The World's Most Dangerous Places: contains tons of fascinating info about the scarier places on earth. Every adventurous person should have it.



In a word: Shackleton. Anybody who knows the story knows why this book is here. Never heard of him? You've missed one of the greatest survival tales of all time.



The story of a couple of business tycoons who decide to climb the highest mountain on each continent. You'll miss these guys when you finish the book!

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